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Event Management Tips – How to Create an Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re throwing a corporate party, charity event, or themed event, here are some event management tips to help make your next event successful. Event management is all about taking advantage of each unique event by attracting people together in fun ways for a business. Corporate event planners handle every little detail from beginning to[…]

Is iPad a Useful gadget in Teaching?

The use of the iPad in the teaching field is very common these days. A device is a great tool that can be used to make presentations for students as well as learners while sitting at the board. Besides, this tool can also be used by the teacher while teaching the class. There are some[…]

What Are The Most Amazing Features Of The iPhone 11 Pro?

An incredible triple Camera system that adds tons of power without complexity. An extraordinary leap in battery power. And a spectacular mind-blower chip that doubles down on multi-user machine learning and pushes the limits of what an iPhone can do. Welcome to the all-new iPhone 11 pro. Here’s how it’ll change your world. Longer Battery[…]

Role of iPad in Business Events and How It Changed the Environment

The iPad has been the cynosure’s stone in the technological world ever since it was launched in the market. Every gadget fiend is speculating what will be the next gadget to take the market by storm. Even though there are many who already have a grudge against the iPad, it seems like it is going[…]

Why Should You need to Hire an iPad for Business Meeting?

Why should you need to hire an iPad for a business meeting? Let’s face it. No matter how much you think you’ve learned, there’s always something new to learn in business. Whether it’s about a new product, a new industry, or a new process, it keeps growing. This is exactly what the iPad has to[…]

Why iPad Rental Is Important for Events.

What is the reason behind iPad rental being important for events? A lot of people have seen these sometimes expensive-tablets become a vital part of any event planning. For example, if an event is planning to commemorate a significant historical event, why would you not consider renting one or more iPad for your guests and[…]

Five Benefits of Hiring Professional Laptop Repair Services

If you own a laptop, then chances are you have either owned or are currently using one that requires laptop repair. In this case, you are probably aware of the importance of laptop repair and how it can easily be avoided if you are able to find a reliable and competent repair company to provide[…]

The Importance of Renting Sound Systems For Indoors and Outdoors Events

Many venues, schools, and corporations operate sound systems on a year-round basis and they are very important to their operations. However, not everyone knows the importance of renting sound systems for indoor and outdoor events such as concerts, trade shows, open-air concerts, and festivals. Let me share with you some valuable tips on how to[…]

Business Laptop rental is more than just hardware.

Display resolution and size, storage and RAM, CPU, ergonomic keyboards, and better battery life; these are just a few of the qualifying features you’ll look for in a decent business laptop rental. Technology rental is our bread and butter- it’s the heart of our business and we understand the range of components that you’ll want[…]

Choosing an iPad rental that works for you

iPads are one of our most popular hires for events because of a range of uses such as registration, Q&A, online voting, wayfinding, and contactless payment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your next event iPad rental. Specifically, size, weight, display and battery life are a great place to start. Size of an[…]

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