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How to promote a live or virtual event on social media

Whether you are hosting a live, virtual event or hybrid event, marketing is key. Here are some creative ways to promote an event on social media that will keep your attendees interested and help to convert interested parties into joining you on the day. Create bespoke AR filters for social media. There are plenty of[...]

Tips for Making Your Meetings and Virtual Events More Professional

Since the pandemic hit us, plenty of businesses and organisers have pivoted to a virtual or virtual and hybrid model. The event landscape has also shifted drastically to adapt to current circumstances to include webinars, virtual job fairs, and online conferences. Planning and meetings are conducted remotely. This isn’t a shift that has been gradually[...]

Event IT in 2021: Top 4 Creative Ways to Promote an Event

Marketing events in 2021 uses a combination of the right event IT and expanded modes of promotion to get the word out about events. This includes remote events, influencer marketing, a greater emphasis on video and flexibility in the user journey through varied incentives. Read on to find out the four things that will enable[...]

What is the role of technology in the events management industry?

This year has been an anomaly when it comes to event trends. There has been an unprecedented number of people working remotely, planning online events, and live streaming lives ones. So, what is the role of event technology in events management recently?     At Technology Rental, we’ve always said that we provide event technology and services in order to[…]

3 Great Reasons to Rent Oculus Quest

Looking to rent Oculus Quest? We’ve had a number of inquiries which isn’t surprising due to the Quest’s popularity among event planners, educational institutions and gaming enthusiasts. It offers more for less and is completely user-friendly. The Oculus Quest is easy to use, simple to setup and fully immersive. We found many reasons to enjoy[…]

Planning a Virtual Event? Avoid These 8 Mistakes for Virtual Perfection.

Large in-person conferences are obsolete (though hopefully not forever). Virtual events are the new modus operandi. Successful in-person events can be adapted to virtual events, and there are even bonuses to moving into virtual. But there are also pitfalls to be aware of. Here are 6 of the most common mistakes in virtual events, and[...]

Virtual Event Platform Solutions: How to Make it Simpler!

There’s more virtual platforms out there than most people know what to do with. Fully integrated event management apps are one of the crucial must haves for 2020. How do you know what you need? Digital platforms in 2020 can include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or a combination of both. AI intelligence has been on[...]

3 Technology Trends Overtaking 2020.

Plans change- no one knows that better than event planners in 2020. What was on trend one year ago has changed- and here are 3 of the latest trends taking center stage in a wholly unexpected 2020. We hope you enjoy them. Meetings, business and events adapt- we know this. Deep Cleaning: Trend 1 From[...]

3 Points to Consider for the Right Sound.

You know adequate sound when you hear it and you’ll definitely be the first to recognise it when it goes wrong. Audio delay, feedback, static, all can create noise that will lower engagement (best case scenario) and drive attendees away (worst case scenario). Plus, there’s the golden rule of event planning- even in near perfect[...]

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