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Cellular iPad rental offers the best of both worlds. You can connect to data if there’s a WiFi network available, but don’t need to rely upon it. Cellular iPads have SIM slots just like a smartphone, in which you can connect to cellular data networks. This is really useful for when you are on the go, or are in remote locations which may not yield traditional WiFi infrastructures.  


Technology Rental has over 1,000 cellular iPad rental contracts and provide cellular data with iPads globallyWe can preload from 1GB of data to unlimited data packages with your device ready to go.  

iPad with SIM Card rental?


Get iPad with SIM card rental for consistent access to the internet. Cellular iPads also are equipped with GPS antennas, which gives you access to maps and navigation on the iPad. They are can send and receive iMessages and while they don’t operate like a mobile phone in terms of traditional voice calls, there are a range of free, modern options such as Whatsapp Audio, Skype and Facetime.  

You can recognise an iPad with SIM card rental by the band at the top (where the Antennas go.) Using iPads when traveling or experiencing unstable venue wifi? Cellular iPads are used for field activation, remote device usage, outdoor events, data collection and so much more.  

Data packages are customised based on your event needsAsk our qualified team if you have any questions about our cellular iPad hire. Technology rental works directly with large network service providers for businesscritical data delivery for your cellular iPad.  

Of course, you get all of the features that you know and love about iPads, with a range of models and specs that include the very latest iPads on the market. We have one of the largest inventories of iPads in the world and are always happy to discuss your requirements, and answer any questions about cellular iPad hire. 

Ask how you can rent cellular iPads today by contacting a member of our team 24/7! 

Please discuss the need of your cellular iPad with your account manager.

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