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At Technology Rental, the most extensive collection of speakers is available for conferences, exhibitions, and events. Call us for our speaker rental service and make your event joyful!

Speaker Rental

Sound is non-negotiable at events and your speaker rental matters. At Technology Rental we understand all of the elements that make up great sound, and this includes decibel level, acoustics, harmonics (fuller sound=more harmonics), intensity, tone and pitch (the frequency of a sound wave). You’re looking for clear, evocative sound. We have event tested equipment that can supply the right sound at a great price.

This includes PA systems and our speaker rental events services will make a difference to your audience and to your event ROI. Sound quality boosts engagement and puts people at ease. It enables presenters to relay the message and for MCs to command an audience at charity fundraisers. Sound works the same in sport as it does in the board room; the right sound creates memorable events. Everything else is just noise.

The speakers are simple to rig and you can mount them in different positions as needed. It’s the key to professional quality sound at presentations, conferences, speaking events, concerts and more. We offer AV solutions that work for your business and your budget. Need help selecting from one of the world’s largest inventories of event technology? Get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll answer any questions and provide a free estimate.

We offer speakers that can convey sound professionally, directing acoustic energy to your audience. Ask about our speaker rental events options today!

The DXR12 is a dynamic loudspeaker delivering an SPL of 132dB with 1100W.

It’s ideal for live sound applications that require wide bandwidth and extremely high-resolution sound.

  • 12” 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker, bass-reflex type
  • High-efficiency 1100W class-D amplifiers
  • Intelligent onboard 3-channel mixer
  • Superior components
  • Unequalled performance
  • 132dB SPL
Yamaha DXR12 PA Active Speaker Hire

Rigging Points for Standard Eye-Bolts (Optional U-Brackets)

DXR Series loudspeakers are delivered with rigging points, so you can rig with standard eyebolts, or utilise optional U-brackets in horizontal and vertical configurations.

Dual-Angle Pole Mount Socket

DXR’s pole mount socket can provide positioning of —0° and 7°— it’s flexible to position, and reflects acoustics off of surfaces and channels them to your audience.