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Looking for the latest Zebra Technology such as our Zebra printer rental to ensure event success? We can help with Zebra hire that includes RFID barcode readers and scanners. Hire id card printer options with a range of features you can rely on. We have the hardware that can make your event registration more efficient and the brands that you know and trust.


More About Zebra Printer Rental


Zebra is a leader in RFID technology- they developed every aspect from readers to antennas, printers and software. They have a reputation for success and a portfolio of equipment that is truly impressive. Our clients use RFID for event entrance, inventory scanning, merchant tills at events and more. It’s useful for EPOS, loss prevention, and inventory management and the 1D and 2D readers are some of the best barcode scanners that we’ve seen yet.


Zebra printers are fast, efficient and easy to use. We have portable printers and portable thermal printers, which are wireless, user- friendly, and fast. The interface is simple to operate and the equipment is durable yet lightweight, which helps when transporting and setting up registration desks and payment terminals throughout and event. It’s easy to change rolls of paper and used with iPad technology and software, badge printing can be set up as self-serve kiosks or at registration desks with staff assistance for quick, efficient check in at events.

Zebra GK420 Printer rentalsZebra GK420 Printer

Ideal for applications that require network manageability, low cost.

  • Fast and advanced
  • Print labels, receipts, tags, badges.
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Speed: 4” per sec
  • Print width: 4.09”
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ZEBRA ZD500 Printer rentalsZEBRA ZD500 Printer

Delivering top-quality performance in demanding applications.

  • Compact and feature-packed
  • Prints labels, receipts, tags, badges
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Speed: 6”per sec
  • Print width: 4.09”
  • With Cutter
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Zebra ZD620 Printer rentalsZebra ZD620 Printer

Delivering powerful print speed, quality and manageability.

  • Advanced industrial printing
  • Prints labels, receipts, tags, badges.
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Speed: 4” per sec
  • Print width: 4.27”
  • With Cutter.
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ZEBRA ZD500R RFID Printer rentalsZEBRA ZD500R RFID Printer

Simple to integrate and manage, fewer roll changes.

  • Small, low cost, less waste
  • Prints labels, receipts, tags, badges.
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Speed: 4” per sec
  • Print width: 4.09”
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Zebra ZC10L rentalsZebra ZC10L

The Zebra ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can produce full, edge-toedge colour cards in one printing process.

  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • USB connectivity
  • Weight: only 19KG
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Zebra ZC300 Series rentalsZebra ZC300 Series

With the ZC300 Series card printers, you get ground-breaking simplicity, security and connectivity options for even the most complex cards – all in the slimmest fit-everywhere design.

  • Events and Season Passes
  • Employee Badges
  • Membership Cards
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Hire ID Card Printer Options Here!


Need to hire ID printer rental options that won’t let you down? Zebra is a top brand for scanning and printing technology that maximises your event entry capabilities. Equipment such as the Zebra ZD500 or ZD620 can be delivered and installed to any event location worldwide. We also offer RFID scanning solutions that are handheld, simple to operate, durable, lightweight and come in options such as Bluetooth and wireless.


As always, we can help advise on number of hire, models, and applications you may require depending on the size, scale and event goals you have. Our team is always happy to consult on your next event and answer any questions you may have. We provide free estimates, and a no pressure sales approach that our long-term clients are comfortable with.


If you are looking for the latest Zebra printing and barcode scanning technology, we can assist 24/7. We’re also available to help answer questions about any of our additional products or services as needed.


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