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We have this Virtual Event brochure which can help you view of sampling of what we offer in terms of virtual events. We can help you launch one, reccomend software from leading platforms depedning on your requirements, and just offer a level of consultation that is hard to come by in this industry. Take a look at the virtual events brochure and then get in touch with a member of our team today! We help simplify your virtual events!

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Virtual Event Solutions


We take into account event production, content, format, and the technology that enables you to achieve successful virtual events. We can help identify KPIs and leverage the right tools to achieve them.

1. Production Quality:
Will a professional recording help to improve your virtual event?
5. Content Delivery and Duration:
Account for and plan for distractions and maximising engagement
2. Engagement Activities:
What can add value? Consider live polls, Q&As and chats when looking at audience data gathering and receiving feedback.
6. Connectivity:
Will you have a secure WIFI connection, particularly for live events?
3. Online Venue Requirement:
Just a main plenary? Break out spaces? Consider the venue requirements.
7. Accessibility:
Which device specifications are needed to make this event accessible?
4. Networking Opportunities:
Consider opportunities for before, during and after your event?
8. Audience size:
The right experience means planning for the right sized audience.

Services We Can Help With

  • Virtual venue environments
  • Networking Platforms
  • Webcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • Quality Production
  • Webinars
  • Engagement Integration
  • Event Website and marketing
  • AI integration
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More About our Virtual Events Brochure and Services


The right events can be made into incredible virtual experiences, but planning and technology is a key consideration. What are you doing towards the move to virtual events? A number of our clients have come to us, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in terms of event platforms and design. We can help ask the right questions and let you know the pros and cons of various platforms. We work with software partners that are leaders in the industry and believe that one size does not fit all.

Instead, we listen to our clients’ needs, scale, audience, event type, budget and ROI goals, and we help to design something that is successful, engaging and scalable for future events.

Are you looking for a team of event planners who are experienced in launching events that cater to populations around the world? We have launched events in over 60 countries and have over 4,000 corporate clients who rely upon us for hardware and software solutions, as well as event technicians and WiFi connectivity. We have truly seen and done it all, both on live and virtual levels.


Get in touch with a member of our team today, at anytime, 24/7! We can provide a free consultation and estimate.

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