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Technical Event Crew - Professionals to Make Your Event Successful

Our experienced technical event crew will make your event better and produce successful, unforgettable results while giving you peace of mind. Contact us for technical staff.

Event Technicians

Event Technicians

Our professional event technicians will add value to your event and create memorable, successful results, while providing you with peace of mind. We have a strict hiring and training process, which enables us to provide experienced professionals who have the right level of knowledge, understanding and professionalism to get the job done.
IT Technicians
We’ll configure and setup your hardware while monitoring it for issues and coordinating any ad hoc tasks needed. IT technicians can integrate standard iOS and Windows as well as bespoke software and install EPOS equipment. And that’s just the beginning of what we offer.
AV Technicians
Configuration and installation of AV equipment for events of every size and scale, including setup of digital signage, live streaming and broadcasting. We offer cable installation, projection equipment, PA systems, speakers and mics as well as diagnostics. We’ll also monitor live feeds.

We Do More than Just Hire Event Tech!

These are highly trained, highly experienced professionals who can help you hire event tech, custom-configure hardware, install equipment and provide higher level experiences for your clients. Yes, we enable you to hire event tech- but we also provide the professional team behind the scenes, who ensure that your event runs flawlessly.
IT/AV Assistants
Our IT/AV assistants are event technicians who work with IT and AV equipment, provide support, sync internet connections, support teleconferences, monitor webinars, coordinate graphics, and conduct sound testing so that your event runs to spec, and exceeds expectations.

Network Engineers
We provide the latest secure, high-speed internet for events in every industry. Our experienced Network Engineers will handle every aspect of the setup, installation, backup and troubleshooting and replace/repair faulty connections on-site.

Lighting Engineers
Technology Rental can operate and program stage lighting equipment. We create technical solutions through support and strict protocol. We are constantly developing and maintaining lighting best practices and standards.

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