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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Hire

Satellite internet usage has increased beyond even the most generous expectations in 2020, averaging well over 1 million users per day. As an event planner and business professional offering a range of internet options depending on location and existing infrastructure is more important than ever.

Satellite internet has become increasingly more relevant to the event industry. What is it, exactly? It’s internet access through communications satellites. The raw materials include a satellite dish located approximately 23,000 beneath the Earth’s equator, a modem and another dish at the location or venue.

Some of the benefits of satellite internet include accessing the internet in remote locations or those that don’t have the existing infrastructure, such as cable or DSL. We’ve set up satellite internet for large outdoor festivals in the countryside and for mobile conferences in the desert. It’s simple to setup for experienced engineers- Network Engineers can install and break down the satellite internet in under an hour.

Satellite internet hire

The Progression of Satellite Internet

In the last decade satellite internet has become more affordable and easier to access. It can accommodate high bandwidth usage, so having a large audience of users on multiple devices won’t affect the speed or quality of your internet. In that sense you don’t have to worry about peak use times. Broadcasters and events utilise satellite internet because it offers more bandwidth than 4G, which can be limited in densely populated settings with multiple users. There’s no need for even a phone line with satellite internet.

Satellite can be used for backup internet or as the main source of internet. When our team conducts a survey, we can let you know our recommendations, whether satellite is necessary, and whether or not additional options may better apply; such as personalised bonded internet, hardline or remote access points. For more information on any of our event technology solutions and services, such as WiFi installation, technical staffing, technology hardware rental and more, contact our customer support team.

Our staff are available to assist your team at any time of the day or night and we answer the phones 24/7. We also have installed internet successfully at events of every size and scale all over the world.

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