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Temporary WiFi

Temporary Wifi

Temporary WiFi solutions deliver immediate connectivity for offices, enabling your team to be productive straight away. Available for short term or long-term hire, we can have you up and running with business grade internet within 24 hours.

You require temporary internet for your temporary office setup or your next event. Whether you have a dozen attendees or 3 thousand, we have the experience and the technical engineers to provide you with temporary WiFi that is consistent, fast and secure.

This can involve options such as remote access point installation, personalised bonded internet, hardline, satellite, MiFi or more. Sometimes you need a backup system because you can’t rely on the venue wifi. Sometimes you need satellite because your event is mobile, remote or takes place in an area without any cabling, telephone lines or other infrastructure.

Temporary Wifi rental

We also have one of our newest products, WiFi in a Box, which enables you a scalable internet solution that provides internet for up to 100 users in a 40-metre radius within 3 minutes of flipping a switch. It comes in a portable pelicase and has features such as private networks for staff and VIPs. A 10kg pelicase that has wheels and a convenient carry case can be deployed anywhere globally and we can build them to spec, depending on the coverage and number of users expected at your next event. Whatever the case may be, our team has done it, in locations all over the world, for events in nearly every industry.

Temporary WiFi Solutions

WiFi is instrumental for contactless payment systems and inventory tracking, barcoding scanning and printing at registration desks and merchant tills. It’s crucial for exhibitions and conferences, and fuels tablets and smartphones for event software with features such as live Q&A and silent auctions. WiFi enables your guests to remain onsite longer, and helps with buzz marketing and social media posting via hashtags and attendee posts in real-time.

Our temporary WiFi solutions are available as well as other services such as our technical event staffing and hardware rental options. Give us a call to find out more about what we can offer and to receive a free estimate from a member of our team.