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The Right Event Registration System

A Variety of Event Registration System Options

Event Registration system choices vary but one thing is for certain; you want a registration process that fits your needs and the needs of your audience. If you have questions or need assistance in developing your registration process or options, feel free to contact us anytime.  

We can listen to your requirements and feedback to you about our own event registration experiences and the choices we’ve utilised during setup that have worked well for various events, cultures and countries. We offer event registration that is user friendly, efficient and customisable, so your registration process can be as unique as your business.  

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Personalise your guest experience with a bespoke registration process that makes them feel more like a friend. You can add custom questions and create a bespoke answer path covering everything from speaker topics to workshop bookings to food allergies and direction of travel. People like to feel recognised and like to interact with more than a standard database. You can improve the guest experience and the rate of sign-ups while ensuring event attendance with an application that is personalised. Define guest categories such as VIP, students, staff or press.  

Social Media and Event Registration 

Guests enjoy using social media- this is just something many humans do! You can enable guests to register using their social media profiles, such as Linked In, Facebook or Twitter. This can enable them quick access to profile pictures while speeding up the registration process. Sign in with more options than one- it’s part of the flexibility of the latest event registration applications. If it’s right for you, we can show you how to set it up.  

Organising your +1 (or more!) 

Manage their companion options flexibly- you can ask their names, dietary requirements, choice of event performance. You can make their answers optional or not ask them at all. You know which feels right to you from the perspective of a planner and someone who knows your audience. Enable guests to bring companions which increases reach and expands the potential of your event. We can show you how! 

Ticket Types 

Ticket types can be diverse- create different passes for students, VIP, press and early attendees, or those only participating in one day or particular section of an event. This enable you to offer a range of pricing that may be the difference between converting sales. Customise your event tickets with categories and consult a member of our team to discuss some viable options for your next event and the pros and cons of each.  

Payment and Ticket Design 

Your tickets can be as unique as the event itself. Create branding in your ticket design that reflects your business and event. With customisable fields we can help you create the right look for your event tickets. In terms of payments, we’ll help you to offer any number of payment options, depending on your event needs.  

For more information on event registration options and best practice, consult a member of our customer service team now. We are available 24/7 for your convenience and are always happy to help!