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Telecommunications, also known as event telecom is the exchange of information including video, voice and data over long distances. Examples of transmission routes include fiber optics, satellite, telephones and the internet. What does it mean to event WiFi 

Event Telecom

How well technology performs is often highly dependent on connectivity. Technology rental moved into the Wi-Fi and event telecom business as it was apparent it’s a key driver for any successful technology installation.  

By project managing the networking, telecoms and Wi-Fi, our technology is installed smoother and runs better with a single point of contact for all technology elements at the event. It also reduces the number of service providers an event planner is coordinating. By having a team that handles the WiFi, the hardware, and the software integration, you avoid having multiple providers and can better coordinate technology that needs to be seamless.  

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With a complete event solution, you have the best chance of digital success, consistent connections and event technology that works exactly the way it should. We have a range of solutions and back up internet provisions so that your connection is not only secure and high-speed, it’s consistent.  

Technology Rental has been working on the event technology and WiFi integration for the better part of a decade, and have long term clients in over 60 countries who are satisfied customers year after year. We’ve installed the WiFi for international government conferences in countries with varying protocol, telecoms laws and infrastructure regulations. We’ve also done festivals for thousands and mobile conferences for hundreds in deserts.  


A Variety of Event WiFi Rental and Telecom Solutions


We specialise in providing secure, fast and reliable  event WiFi rental  & Internet to any event across the world for all types of requirements. This includes personalised bonded internet, hardline, remote access points, satellite, MiFi and more. We can utilise a single solution or build WiFi internet through a combined system of options- whatever works best for your requirements and infrastructure.  

Need help sorting out options? Our team is always available to consult on equipment, WiFi and software solutions- whatever you require for your next event. Speak to a member of our team in any of our 9 global offices- we’re available 24/7 for your convenience.  

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