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iPad Mini Rental - The Most Common iPad Model For Events

Get our iPad mini rental service if you want all the functionality of an iPad in a more compact package. Contact our experts and enjoy the portable nature of these tablets and the unexpected power that comes with them.

iPad Mini Rental: Perfect For Events

The iPad mini 3 rental and the iPad mini 5 rental were released at the same time, and are identical internally. There are some differences such as resolution and display size. Neither is a stranger to the event industry- clients love the portable nature of these tablets and the unexpected power that comes with it.

Why are the iPad mini 3 rental and the iPad mini 5 rental so popular among event planners and attendees alike? Portable, efficient and weighing less than ¾ of a pound, these are impressive contenders. Each has the patented Apple advanced display and offer 500 nits of brightness. You can access the True Tone technology Apple is famous for, and pair either with an iPad pencil rental for note taking, artwork or presentations. We have thousands of iPad minis in stock throughout the world, so you never have to worry about quantity.

The iPad mini is a favourite at corporate events and fundraisers. They work well at silent auctions and during corporate Q&A sessions. They are faster than previous models (which were also pretty fast!) You can use them to complete payment terminals or registration desks- staff can easily carry them with them during busy indoor and outdoor events and input data via iPad pencil rental. They can be distributed to guests at silent auctions or to navigate event software apps and station within smaller kiosks. The choice is your when it comes to the iPad mini rental.

iPad Pencil Rental

Pair the iPad mini 3 rental or iPad mini 5 rental with an ipad Pencil rental for notetaking and data entry during conferences and busy events. Use it directly on the display, and enjoy the 2048×1536 resolution which is 4 times the resolution of the previous model of iPad mini. A display with 3.1 million pixels can’t be underestimated; it has 1 million more than an HDTV.

That said, the battery life is a key factor at events and during corporate travel. Your iPad mini rental will give you up to ten hours of battery life- which is more than enough to keep you in charge. The backlit touch display with IPS technology offers 16GB storage and fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating- which makes them less susceptible to damage at events. We have branded iPad cases, including those with straps so you can securely hold them in one hand. Ask about our iPad pencil rental or any of our iPad accessories today. 

We also have a range of additional equipment to choose from, including a complete range of Apple products, additional iPad models, iMacs and iPhones, as well as PC products, tablets and additional technology. We have displays and PA systems, EPOS setups and printers, VR equipment and more. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about our ipad mini 5 rental or any of our technology for hire. We’re always a phone call away, 24/7 for your convenience.

iPad Mini
Dimensions'(H x W x D) 200 x 135 x 8 mm
Operating System iOS 12
Screen Size (Inches) 7.9
Wi-Fi/4G Wi-Fi & 4G
Weight (kg) 0.3
Power Consumption (watts) 23.8

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