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Event apps have become a non-negotiable part of event planning because they offer flexibility, customisation, and a simpler, streamlined experience. Through event applications you can advertise your event, register guests online in advance, and enable networking, event guides and on-site floor plans. When you begin an event, you can create and build event specific forms, amend and delete profiles, and create branded splash pages that will effectively contribute toward marking your event successful. Event apps enable you to optimise your event entry management strategy. Have you ever attended an event in which there were long queues at the registration desk that left you feeling bored and a bit frustrated? We have, and it’s one of the reasons we focus and smooth and efficient entry when it comes to our work with app developer partners around the world. Looking for a registration app that works for your business? We can help!

Event App Efficiency

With event apps and software, you can enable guests to self-check in and also speed up the process by sending staff members with iPads to assist guests who are waiting or struggling to register. Self-check in works well with kiosks and portable printers, in which guests can simply scan a barcode, and fill out a few simple items on a form, and access instant payment and fast paced entry. Event software also can include helpful features such as VIP notifications that inform staff when special guests have arrived.


Event apps also have features that enable you to review event analytics and consumer habits while attending the event. This type of consumer data can enable you to continue to improve upon events and customise them toward your target audience.

With event apps you can download guest lists for analytics, keep track of leads and transactions, and build interactive event guides and dynamic seating charts. Upload guest photos and profiles and track social media, all with the same helpful software. For more information on our event and registration app features, or to hire hardware such as iPads, portable printers, barcode scanners and kiosks, contact a member of our team today! 

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