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Event VOIP Services

Event VoIP services are here and we have the technical experience in event telecoms and solutions to help you get set up. VoIP’s advantages are numerous such as complete portability, lower operating costs, higher scalability, clearer voice quality, and flexibility.


Event Telecoms Solutions


VoIP calling can lower your phone costs by over 50% and we can create temporary office and event setups with VoIP that reduce calling expenses and do away with copper wiring charges and onsite maintenance. It can also expand your business reach by providing a single cloud-based telephone number that can be dialled from anywhere and reach a member of your team. Team members can use the same phone number from wherever they are. This is a huge advantage. Ask about our event VoIP services today!

Desk Phones for rentDesk Phones

We have a large range of desk phones, such as: Yealink, Grandstream and Fanvil. These phones offer dynamic business communications for executives and professionals.

  • Allows numerous SIP accounts.
  • Unparalleled audio clarity.
  • Gigabit Ethernet technology.
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iOS & Android Applications for rentiOS & Android Applications

With this app, calling from over 3G or from any WiFi hotspot is extremely reliable, as well as user-friendly.

  • Make and receive calls from your smartphone – at no cost.
  • Set your status to ‘available’, ‘away’ and ‘out of office’ from your smartphone.
  • See the status of your colleagues from anywhere.
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Web Tool for rentWeb Tool

Take advantage of video conferencing as an online meeting tool.

  • Launch calls on your desk phone from your desktop.
  • Access to full range of Unified Communications features.
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Work seamlessly as if you were in the office and save on call costs.
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Instant Number Provision and SIP Trunking Solutions from Anywhere In The World.

Whether it’s to catch up with another team member stationed in a different part of the globe, or to give an important sales presentation to staff members or clients, video conferences are an essential part of daily business communication.

Technical Planning Technology Rentals UK

Local Number DIDs for a range of event types, including temporary and permanent office setups.

With more and more of a mobile workforce, you could conceivably have a team that is working on your event from different locations throughout the globe. In this way, VoIP is a sensible and viable option.

VoIP also offers you the voice quality that you are looking for. Voice calls are crisp and clear, there’s less chance of lag time, call dropouts or latency. VoIP is also great in terms of multi-tasking enabling you to send video, images and documents while in the midst of conversation. These are just a few of the reasons clients ask us to set up VoIP for their events and temporary offices.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. We have the technical knowledge and experience to set up VoIP services for you quickly and at competitive rates. We also have a range of additional technology and services that can help get your next event or temporary office setup on track. Speak to a member of our team today about our hardware and software solutions, WiFi installation and event technical staffing options.

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