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Rent Epson C3500 – Print with Quality

Rent Epson C3500 – Print with Quality

For events, exhibitions, tradeshows, and conferences, Epson ™ C3500 helps you to increase operating efficiencies and instantly produce high-quality colour badges. For organizing such kinds of corporate activities, rent Epson C3500 printers to achieve reliable, high-quality printing results.

Rent Epson C3500 For Corporate Events

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Technology Rental has been providing us with printer rentals, and they constantly match our needs. They are very professional and have tailored their services to our event requirements. Our event organisers liked the EPSON C3500 that we rented through your firm! I’m very happy with how quickly they turn things around and how much attention they pay to provide high-quality service, which makes things easy for us. Without a doubt, Highly recommended.”
Epson C3500 Label Printer

Epson C3500 ColorWorks Label Printer For Events – Inkjet Badge Printer

You must be aware that the technique most usually used to verify the identification of event attendees is a badge. The selection of the badge printer is vital to the event organiser.

Consider using the Epson 3500 badge printer, which is the ideal option for producing full-colour name badges for conferences, exhibitions, and events.

Technology Rental holds stock in multiple depots across the United Kingdom so renting the Epson C3500 is easier than ever with us. This printer is the ideal selection to cater to on-site, and on-demand requirements of badge printing.

The Epson ™ C3500 printer rental gives you the guarantees that everything can be printed from a single device, including event tickets and business cards with vibrant logos and images. With this printing device, you’ll maintain a lot of badge design versatility in addition to eliminating unnecessary printing badges for no-shows.

Rent Epson ™ C3500 badge printer which is ideal for printing event badges with QR codes or colour branding, and registration badges with necessary barcodes and delegate information. It also assists in compliance with GHS international chemical labelling rules because of the quality of printing badges on-demand without the need for pre-designed templates.

Rent Epson ColorWorks C3500 For Corporate Events – High-quality Printing Solution

Event organisers may find it tough to deal with the task of printing huge quantities for events, exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences, or meetings. To meet the requirements of such events, a large number of powerful printers are required. Due to logistics, equipment sourcing, and selecting the appropriate printer settings for your requirements, your planning workload may increase.

In order to avoid lengthy queues and to print badges quickly when needed, you may also need to consider the running of the on-site registration counters. The top event check-in and registration desks also require a variety of supplies, such as Wi-Fi, badge stock, consumables, toners, and inks, staffing, management and lanyards. The administration of these resources adds to event organisers workload, working with Technology rental streamlines this as experts in Registration printer rental. Contact us for a complimentary technical discussion about your onsite registration requirements.

The Epson C3500 is the best pick for event planners and organizations because of its straightforward interface with all essential on-site registration software and rear-feed functionality for fanfold and big rolls. Due to its quick print speed, it would be an excellent addition to your on-site badge printing needs.

Epson ColorWorks C3500 Printer

Choose Technology Rental – We Understand Your Priorities

Technology Rental is available and ready to discuss your printing requirements with you as part of a free technical consultation. We are an event technology company based in the UK that provides the latest cutting-edge event IT rental solutions and technical services.

In printing solutions, Technology Rental can help you with the most recent printing technology. Our extensive technology inventory includes industry-leading Epson ™ C3500 printers available for rental. Hopin, Swoogo, CVENT, EventsAir, Aventri, and EventT, GES, Shocklogic, Eventscase are just some of many software options which are compatible with the Epson Colorworks C3500. Therefore, place your Hire ColorWorks C3500 for seamless registration printing onsite.

Technology Rental also supports you globally with badge stock and technical staffing for registration setups everywhere in the world. For many years, we have been the industry leader in renting out registration printers. It meets all global hardware and on-site staffing requirements for Event Registration and printing requirements.

Use Epson C3500 printers for your events to get reliable, high-quality printing results.

Epson C3500 Label Printer

Key Features of the Epson C3500 On Hire

Today, colour badges with graphics and graphic images are used for highlighting vital information. This progress has led to a large rise in label varieties and label creation complexity. The best option is the Epson ColorWorks C3500 because it can print full-colour badges right away. Due to its following features, it is the ideal option for high-quality printing.

Easy-to-UseA variety of materials, including labels and matte and glossy coated paper, are simple to print on Epson C3500. This suggests that you can design the exact badges you require easily.
Create Custom BadgesYou can quickly create and print your own colour labels using the C3500. This printer guarantees that you can print everything from tickets and badges with barcodes and product information.
High-SpeedEpson C3500 can print full-colour badges at a speed of up to 4 inches per second. It would be a perfect addition to your on-site badge printing needs due to its fast print speed.
Reliable And FlexibleThe Epson TM C3500 is resilient, adaptable, and water and dust-resistant. It is appropriate for heavy-duty commercial situations because of these features.
Four-colour Inkjet PrintingMicroPiezo® inkjet technology ensures that badges have graphics that are crisp, clear, and colourful and that are resistant to smudges and leaks. Print on either pre-printed or plain white badges in a matter of seconds utilising the fastest on-site colour printing in the business.
Durable Inks- Individual Ink CartridgesThe unique pigment ink cartridges let you produce fade-resistant, quick-drying, and highly detailed badges. Your badges will not only look fantastic, but the pigment ink is ideal for a range of settings due to its long-lasting.

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Epson C3500 Rental – Frequently Asked Questions

The latest addition, the Epson C3500 printer, provides inexpensive, high-quality badge printing. Grab one right now. The following information addresses the most frequently asked queries regarding renting an Epson C3500. Speak to our specialists if you have any additional questions regarding the process.

In contrast to thermal badge printers, which can only print in black, the Epson C3500 printer can print in colour. It is a high-end inkjet badge printer that generates prints quickly and of high quality. Additionally, it’s great for making event badges, tickets, and labels on-demand and on-site because it prints on a variety of media types and is highly configurable.


Yes. Large-scale event solutions are provided by Technology Rental. We provide large quantities of Epson C3500 rentals for use at business events. However, we advise speaking with our specialists so that they can help you make better selections. 

The Epson C3500 includes four ink cartridge slots and a maintenance box (cyan, black, yellow, and magenta). These supplies are included when you hire a printer. Depending on your company’s requirements, the badge design, and the volume of prints, you’ll need a certain number of cartridges. 

Technology Rental collaborates with numerous specialised printing companies that specialise in badge paper, so you can combine your requirements and purchase hardware and badge paper from us for your event.

Colour badges and changeable data can be printed in advance using the on-site Epson printer. To learn more about your possibilities, get in touch with our experts. Technology Rental offers badge printers and badge material for rent for events all around the world.


Yes, Technology Rental provides a complete hardware solution, including the rental of laptops, iPads, networking devices, and printers like the Epson C3500, for on-site registration and printing needs.  Your priority is ours.   For questions, get in touch with us. Technology  Rental provides a complimentary consultation for individuals who require assistance with event registration and badge printing.