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WiFi in a Box

WiFi in a Box is one of our newest innovations and it’s as good as it sounds. This WiFi solution comes in a portable pelicase that you can carry via a side handle or roll while walking via an extendable handle. Either way it’s just 10 kgs. You plug the pelicase in to a regional plug point and WiFI is created for 100 users and in a 40-metre radius within 3 minutes. You can also scale this solution to include more users and a larger radius as needed by consulting with our team.

How Does WiFi in a Box Work?


It really is that simple. WiFi in a box uses uses 4x 4G/LTE advanced service providers which yield increased performance and 99.9% uptime. It offers traffic shaping and bandwidth control per user and optional additional private SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords. This is high-speed, consistent and secure WiFi that is ideal for events of every type, including exhibitions, tradeshows, product launches, conferences and festivals.

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Promote your event by created branded signage that that lets clients know about the free WiFi offered and directs them to a landing page branded with your business and event logo. We offer customised login and landing pages that will provide a streamlined message.


A Total Portable WiFi Box Solution


This WiFi box solution is a dream come true at events. WiFi in a Box complies with all security standards in WiFi and we also offer technical support 24/7 should you require it. As always, we also offer technical event staffing and onsite support throughout your event, as well as a wealth of additional products and services that will help to ensure your digital success.

The WiFi box system is international- local plug points are provided and it works with 110v and 220v, respectively. This solution is durable, affordable and highly portable. Ask about our WiFi in a Box options today, or consult with a member of our team about any of our WiFi options and technical solutions.

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