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Sustainable Event Badge Sourcing

Allow Technology Rental to handle your badge printing needs for events. Including 
  • Stock Sourcing and 
  • Lanyard Solutions. 
We also offer thermal or stock paper for registration printed sources for events around the world.

Badge Printing for Event Check-in

Do you need badge printing for event solutions that are more effective, cost efficient and even sustainable? You’ve come to the right place. We can arrange sourcing for event badges, pre-printing, and lanyard solutions. Badge printing for event registration is simple with Technology Rental. We can provide stock or thermal paper for registration printers at events anywhere in the world.

We can also brand your event badges with relevant messaging and business logos for your event and business. We can include barcodes for tracking or complete passes. The customization increases your visibility and strengthens your brand. It also encourages dialogue and impresses guests.

Your logos and branding with the right design can stand out and make an effective statement. Our creative team can produce mock-ups and let you decide which one works for your business. Branded event badges work well for festivals, conferences, exhibitions and conventions, among other events.

Badge Printing for Event Check-in
Badge Sourcing

Sustainable Event Badges

Our materials can be reused to save on the carbon imprint of your business event. Collection areas can be designated at the event exits and badge materials can be turned in and recycled for future events. This is one way in which you add sustainability to your next event. We also provide generic badges which you can adhere personal labels and information to which can be used again and again.

Save on Badge Sourcing

You can buy in bulk and save more on the badge materials you need, both for present and future events. We offer bulk order packages that may surprises you. Ask about them today!

Badge printing for event registration is a critical component of your event entry system. With over 10 years in the event industry, we can easily help with your next order. We’ve been through the evolution of the badge and can provide a full range of options for your next event. Create effective attractive badging and notice the difference at your next event!

Also keep in mind that we offer a full range of the latest badge printers, receipt printers and thermal printers that are wireless, portable and the perfect event registration companion.