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EPOS Rental | Swift Payments, Smooth Operations

Transform your event management with the power of EPOS Rental. Say goodbye to traditional payment hassles and embrace a new era of seamless transactions. 

EPOS Hire Excellence for Exceptional Events

Technology Rental is your one-stop solution for  revolutionising event transactions with our EPOS Rental services. Say goodbye to traditional hassles and embrace a new era of efficiency, with cutting-edge EPOS technology. Our diverse array of solutions includes Zettle readers, SumUp EPOS, receipt printers, and Square EPOS bundles, ensuring you have the tools to optimise your event operations.

Opt for the Zettle Reader to elevate your payment processing capabilities or explore the versatility of SumUp EPOS Solutions, offering a user-friendly point-of-sale system.  Enhance the professionalism of your transactions with our receipt printers, while Square EPOS provides an all-in-one solution tailored to your specific business needs, from event organisation to retail stores and hospitality management.   

EPOS Hire Excellence for Exceptional Events

Transform your events, exhibitions, or retail spaces with our state-of-the-art EPOS solutions. Guarantee a smooth and user-friendly experience, from simplified transactions to comprehensive business analytics. Enhance your business’s efficiency and make a lasting impression on your audience. Contact Technology Rental today to elevate your EPOS capabilities with our premium rental services, available across the UK. Upgrade your technology, streamline your transactions, and redefine the success of your events with Technology Rental’s EPOS solutions. 

Instant Payment with EPOS Rental

EPOS rental, or Electronic Point of Sale rental, enables contactless transactions. The software is useful for tracking inventory and taxes, which makes accurate reporting simple. If you’ve paid using a credit card, then you’ve used EPOS. We hire a variety of EPOS rental solutions, as well as iPads which we can preload, with the EPOS software it works with.  

Electronic Point of Sale technology is no longer just used in restaurants and retail outlets. Events are utilising short-term EPOS rental for outdoor events, festivals and markets. Popular EPOS brands include Square rental and Zettle hire, but there are many others. 

We can hire items separately or as part of an EPOS hire package to save you money. iZettle hire terminals such as card readers, iPads, portable receipt printers and cash drawers can complete your payment solutions. 

Our commitment lies in providing swift and reliable EPOS systems, including top-notch Zettle hire designed to streamline event transactions. 


Zettle Reader

 Quick and secure transactions.  

  • zettle hire accepts payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, and Visa Electron  
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • All-day power supply 

Zettle Charging Dock

Charging dock for iZettle card  reader.  

  • Perfect to keep card reader on a counter 
  • Ensures card reader is always charged 
  • Makes card payments easy 

SumUp EPOS Solutions

Technology Rental introduces SumUp EPOS Solutions, catering specifically to the dynamic event scene in the UK. Our specialised services are exclusively designed for event organisers, offering a meticulously crafted range of SumUp EPOS solutions to enhance and streamline payment processing. 

SumUp Solo Bundle

SumUp Solo Bundle

Touch-Screen payment terminal for quick and secure transactions. 

  • All-day battery capacity  
  • Accepts all payments  
  • 3G and wifi capable connection  
  • Compact design fits in your pocket 

SumUp Air

  • Count a large amount of cash at the same time  
  • Can count up to 1000 notes per minute  
  • Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting 
Sum Up 3G Reader & Printer Rental

SumUp 3G

Reader and printer Payment terminal for quick and  secure transactions built-in receipt printer  

  • Process payments with 3G data Built-in printer, everything you need to get started 
SumUp Solo Bundle

SumUp Solo Bundle

  • All-day battery capacity – Long battery life  
  • Accepts all payments  
  • 3G and wifi capable connection  
  • The compact design fits in your pocket 

SumUp Air

  • Count a large amount of cash at the same time 
  • Electronic 
  • Can count up to 1000 notes per minute  
  • Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting 
Sum Up 3G Reader & Printer Rental

SumUp 3G

  • Accepts all payments
  • Secure transactions built-in receipt printer  
  • Process payments with 3G data coverage  
  • Built-in printer, everything you need to get started 

Square Rental For Streamlined Transactions

Experience our Square rental solutions, such as the L7 case. L7 case hire houses two devices: a Square card reader and an iPad 2/3 mini. The case functions as a sales terminal you can roam around with. It has a magstripe reader and reliefs for charging points when needed. Sturdy and easy to grip- this Square rental is a great companion for transactions at events.  

  • Accurate transactions 
  • Uploads and analyses data 
  • Deposits to bank the next working day 


Our Square EPOS systems are carefully crafted to ensure a seamless payment processing experience, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and success of your event. 

Square Terminal

Square Terminal

  • Simple and secure 
  • Take payments and print receipts seamlessly from one portable, cordless device. 
  • Tap a contactless card or device. 
  • width of 3.35” (85 mm) 
  • payments via three methods: tap, swipe, or dip 
Square Register Rental

Square Stand Version 2

  • Compatible iPad into a powerful point-of-sale 
  • Customers want to pay contactless options like ApplePay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. 
  • Square Stand is compatible with USB, Bluetooth, and network hardware accessories.
L7 Case Hire

L7 Case

Create a roaming sales terminal seamlessly. 

  • Ergonomic and light, allowing for flexible payment solutions 
  • Soft housing for your device and hard poly-carbonate back cover 
  • Fits iPad 2 & 3 mini. 

Square Dock

Keeps your reader charged, stable, and ready for payments. 

  • Upward tilt makes it easy to accept chip + PIN and contactless payments 
  • Keep at point of sale 
  • Metal skeleton interior 
  • Molded plastic exterior 
Square Reader

Square Reader

Payment terminal, which is secure, fast, and simple. 

  • Accepts chip and PIN and contactless cards/devices 
  •  Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to a tablet or phone 
  • Accepts payments quickly  
  • Powerful battery lasts all-day 
Square Stand

Square Stand

Transforms your iPad into a sleek and secure point-of-sale. 

  • Professional, sleek design 
  • Makes the Square POS app even easier for your staff and customers to use  
  • Use whilst keeping your iPad fully charged 

Effortless Transaction Management | Introducing Square Bundle Solutions

Experience seamless business transactions with our Square Bundle – a meticulously crafted, all-encompassing solution designed to boost the efficiency of your operations. This comprehensive package includes essential components such as a Square Stand, a Cash Drawer, and a Receipt Printer, forming a complete toolkit for managing payments and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Beyond hardware provision, our services extend to offer full customisation for Square software, allowing us to tailor the system to precisely meet your business’s unique needs. Connect with our dedicated team for more details and discover how our customisation options can enhance your overall Square software experience.” 

Square Bundle

Bundle includes: 

  • Square stand
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
Square Bundle

Hire EPOS with Receipt Printer Solutions For Event Transactions

Acknowledging the crucial role that receipt printers play in the success of event transactions, our EPOS printer rental service is thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse requirements of events. This guarantees the swift and accurate processing of transactions, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and success of your event. 

Star TSP100 Series Printer

Star TSP100 Series

A thermal printer is used mainly for EPOS setups.  

  • Ethernet 
  • Wireless Lan 
  • Bluetooth 
  • USB Type-B 
  • Lightning Capabilities


Used mainly for the purpose of an EPOS setup  

  • Prints at a fast speed 
  • Easy to use and reliable 
  • Will print a receipt of an order when run through the till 
  • USB Type-B 
Epos Till Rental

Till Roll

  • Used for client receipts when an order is run through the till. 
  • Facilitates smooth financial transactions.
  • Generated when an order is processed through the till system

Related Products and Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to elevate the success of your event. 

Electronic Cash Drawer Rental

Cash Drawer Rental

Stores money safely during  events. We have three options: 

  • Manual 
  • Electronic 
  • Key turning 
Bank Note Currency Counter

Bank Note Currency Counter

  • Count a large amount of cash at the same time 
  • Can count up to 1000 notes per minute 
  • Detects fraud notes through the use of UV lighting 
 Heckler Stand hire for events

Heckler Stand

  • A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and Minis. 
  • Can be secured through adhesive pad or via solid fixing

Festival EPOS Solution

Festival EPOS systems can include cash drawer rental, iPads for customer displays, printers, and chip and pin readers, as well as keyboards, barcode scanners and touchscreen monitors. Technology Rental provides industry leading festival EPOS systems with software solutions that are available for rental across the UK.  

Technology Rental has one of the largest global inventories of EPOS rental. Whether you’re hosting an exhibition in London or arranging payments at a music festival in Manchester, we have hands on experience deploying cost-effective solutions to get you started or to improve your existing payment terminal setup for a reasonable rate.  

Our EPOS products, which are available for short term rental, are reliable, easy to use and efficient. We take pride in helping find the payment solutions that work best for your business and event. We have partnered with some of the largest festival EPOS software names to provide you with a range of options. When it comes to event planning, payment and improving your ROI, we want you to have the technology and hardware that’s right for you.   

EPOS Hire For Effortless Transactions

Our EPOS has reshaped the way businesses and events operate, leaving a profound impact on various sectors worldwide. From retail establishments, entertainment events, and restaurants to vendor stands, conferences, exhibitions, and pop-up retail outlets, EPOS has become an indispensable tool, seamlessly facilitating transactions. As a distinguished leader in the field, Technology Rental boasts an extensive inventory of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) devices. 

Regardless of the scale of your event, we have the capability to provide any quantity of these devices, ranging from EPOS printers, payment terminals, and barcode scanners to essential accessories such as iPad stands and kiosks. For those in need of efficient cash handling solutions, we also offer cash drawer rentals. Our products have been successfully deployed at numerous festivals, corporate conferences, and charity auctions globally, ensuring a smooth flow of transactions for a diverse range of events. 

Why Choose Us? 

Technology Rental is a leading provider of customised EPOS rentals, catering to the unique requirements of a wide range of events. Our extensive services are meticulously crafted to deliver seamless and efficient transaction management solutions for event organisers across diverse industries. 



Our utmost priority is delivering exceptional customer service. We provide round-the-clock remote and onsite technical support for epos rental, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free experience during your event.



We provide Festival EPOS in the UK. Our dedicated team works closely with you. to ensure the right technology is delivered and set up on time, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.



By bundling additional event supplies, you can save even more when renting event technologies from Technology Rental. We offer diverse event supplies, including epos hire, iPads, tablets, scanners, wireless printers, and portable printers.



Technology Rental is a global company offering IT rental services to diverse clients. With a presence in over 60 countries across six continents, we provide comprehensive services, including shipping, installation, and onsite support.



Technology Rental offers hire epos for events. Whether you require technology for a short-term event or a long-term project, we have options to suit your needs.



Our thorough quality inspections, including pre-deployment testing and on-site calibration, ensure each piece of equipment performs flawlessly at events around the globe.

What Our Clients Say About Us 

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Technology Rental offers a diverse range of event technology solutions and services, which include: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We’ve compiled answers to frequent queries, but for more information, feel free to connect with our experts for personalised guidance. 

A POS, or Point of Sale, system is a combination of software and hardware used by businesses to handle payments, schedule items or venue bookings, and manage inventory. Typically, POS systems include accessories like iPads, software programs, printers, cash drawers, and more. Our experts can provide free advice on selecting the right components for a comprehensive EPOS setup to enhance services at your events. 

Certainly! We offer flexible rental terms to accommodate short-term events, such as one-day coporate event, as well as longer-term rentals for extended events. 

While we highly recommend booking EPOS well in advance to secure availability, we are equipped to handle last-minute requests. Whether you plan ahead or need our services on short notice, we aim to ensure the best rental experience. 

We provide technical support throughout your rental period. If any issues arise, simply contact our support team, and we’ll promptly assist you in resolving them. 

Our specialisation is in bulk EPOS hire for events. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of event organisers who require multiple devices. 

Absolutely! Our services extend beyond the UK. With a global presence, we can facilitate EPOS rental for events in various locations worldwide, ensuring your event’s payment processing needs are met regardless of the region.