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Powerful Virtual Event Platform For Professional Meetings

Technology Rental offers you a virtual event platform rental to easily create, promote, and manage unforgettable virtual event experiences.

Virtual Event Platform

We offer virtual event platform consultative services because we work with leading virtual conference agencies and are able to help you sort out the best solutions! Need more information on our virtual event platform solutions? Get in touch with a member of our team today!

Virtual Event Platform
Wider Audience

The best virtual events connect a wider audience.

Less Physical Barriers

With less physical barriers you can maximise reach.

Right Strategy

With the right strategy virtual events connect a new wider audience.



Know your objectives

Get to the heart of your objectives and learn about the best online software solutions. This creates a platform for you to begin.

Refine your approach

Refine your approach, think about which events to launch, and consider goals and protocol which will best enable you to experience success.


Services We Can Help With

Virtual venue environments

Networking Platforms


AI integration

Live Streaming

Quality Production


Engagement Integration

Event Website and marketing

Virtual Event Solutions You Can Rely Upon

Technology Rental offer you the technology and technical support to achieve virtual event success. We leverage our inventory of remote technology and software partnerships and the experience we’ve had creating events in over 60 countries. We’re equipped to help you get started, or to project manage and implement with you every step of the way.

Let us help you design your next virtual event, taking into consideration factors such as audience size, connectivity, software, technology hardware, design and ticketing/ registration and forward planning.

Virtual events are here to stay, and they are one way of ensuring the reach and continuity of your business. We have experience working with a range of software providers and have the hardware and planning capabilities that comes with 10 years in the event industry.

Are you exhausted with the range of options for virtual events and just need a bit of consultancy simplifying the options and putting something together that is successful? We can help. Our team is available to assist you with a free consultation and estimate 24/7!