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Epson Printer Rental

We have a range of Epson Printer rental that you can depend on for your event EPOS needs. This monochrome desktop receipt printer uses thermal printing (also known as ‘direct thermal printing’). Thermal receipt printing is used frequently in the events industry because it’s efficient and high quality, as well as cost effective. Our range of Epson printer rental has a lot to offer.  

Epson TM T20 Thermal Receipt Printers 

We offer Epson TM T20 thermal receipt printers that are wireless and used for EPOS setups. The technology is paired through a LAN network with iPads. On the iPads you can run a range of EPOS software for payment, such as iZettle or Square applications. When a transaction is run through the till, these thermal receipt printers produce a receipt that is clear, high quality and quick!  

Epson Printer Rental
Epson Printer Rental
Epson Printer Rental

What are the benefits of thermal printing? 

Thermal printers use heat to produce images that are clear and sharp, without requiring ink or ribbons. This technology produces receipts quickly that are high quality- a benefit for busy events and queues of waiting customers. With heat transfer printing you save money on the cost of ribbons and ink cartridges. The only requirement that needs replacing is the thermal paper. 

This technology has less parts so it requires less maintenance. A benefit for event technology that is used frequently at high volume. So, the benefits of thermal receipt printers are quality, speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness.  

At Technology rental we have a range of Epson printer rental that you can rely on for your EPOS terminal setup, as well as additional event technology such as iPad hire, cash drawer rental, barcode scanners and more. Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can help optimise your registration of vendor setup at your next event! 

Epson Colorworks C3500

  • Increase operational efficiencies and quickly produces high-quality labels
  • Compact, robust design
  • High-quality,
  • Four-colour inkjet printing
  • Resolution: 360 dpi
  • Speed: 4” per sec
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