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Best View With iPad Kiosks Stands

Hire iPad kiosk stands and provide the best display of the iPads to your attendees. Use them at conferences, conventions, festivals, product launches and exhibitions, seminars, and fundraisers!

Rent Kiosks For Events – Secure and Accessible Floor Stands

iPad Kiosk rental is great for business meetings, trade shows, and setting the right tone for product launches. It allows a two-way flow of information between a business and its consumers with cutting-edge digital hardware features. Event check-in kiosks can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be utilized to welcome guests to an event, display product launch event videos, conduct event surveys, display digital signs for instructions, and manage automatic registration. The possibilities and opportunities are endless for businesses and event planning regardless of the size or venue of the event.
Kiosks For Events Rental
Rent Floor Stand to secure your iPads

Floor Stand

  • Mount your iPad in this lockable floor stand
  • Can create a compelling information kiosk or product display
  • A durable steel floor stand can be safely mounted to the ground
  • Available in White and Black
Rent Quad stand for Multiple iPads

Rent Quadstand for Multiple iPads

  • Compatible with all iPads except Pros and minis.
  • Securely holds up to four iPads at once.
  • Solid and durable
  • Space-saving solutions 
  • Professional look and feel
Rent Branded iPad stand For Your Event

Rent Branded iPad stand For Your Event

iPad stands can be branded to fit in with your event theme. Uses include:
  • Event check-in/ registration
  • Exhibitions
  • Event apps and software
Rent Black Tripod Stand

RENT Black Tripod Stand

  • Extendible to three heights and holds an iPad still in all positions
  • Used mainly for filming from the iPad
  • Adjustable and easy to use
  • Full installation and set-up available

Secure iPad Floor Stand Hire

iPad Floor Stand Rentals are excellent for corporate events, conventions, trade shows, or any event where you need a professional display setup at standing height. Use a self-serve kiosk through our event kiosks rental service to take orders from customers or collect statistics. Secure iPad floor stand hire is super essential and our stands have a range of functionality at events that include security and great design. Our iPad stands such as Heckler, Moonbase, or Bouncepad options are stylish yet simple to lock in tablets. With the cost of the iPad, it’s imperative to use equipment that provides not just event functionality, but real peace of mind.
Secure iPad Floor Stand Hire for events.

Rent iPad Stand Options Available in a Wide Variety

iPad stand hire options at Technology Rental are competitively priced, attractively built, and perfectly secure just like iPad hire. We have Quad stands that hold up to four iPads, tripod stands that adjust to three settings and really simplify filming, and iPad floor stands in black and white that showcase your tablets in their best light. Ask how you can rent iPad stand packages today!
 Heckler Stand hire for events

Heckler Stand

  • A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and minis.
  • It can be secured down through an adhesive pad or via solid fixing
Black MoonBase Stand

Black MoonBase Stand

  • A display stand for your tablet that can be mounted on desks
  • Compatible with all iPads except Pros and minis
Desktop Stand

Desktop Stand

  • It can be used as a desktop feature stand
  • Sleek and sophisticated, perfect for a multitude of event types.
  • Compatible with all iPads except minis
iPad Wall Mount Rental

iPad Wall Mount

  • Space saving solutions
  • Can be secured on walls
  • Options for landscape or portrait displays Adjustable angles
Foldable iPad Stand Rental

Foldable iPad Stand

  • A versatile desktop iPad stand
  • Made from durable and lightweight metal
  • Sleek and stylish
Shoulder Strap Rental

Shoulder Strap

  • Shoulder Strap enables better mobility
  • Great for outdoor events
  • Full installation and set-up available
  • Easy to use

Try our Branded iPad stand options!

We offer branded iPad stand options that perfectly align your logo and marketing message with your iPad kiosk stand rental. Our design team can create branding that showcases the equipment and streamlines your event. Get in touch about our branded iPad stand options today!

iPad desktop stand rental for registration and POS

iPad desktop stand rental is perfect for registration desks as well as POS stands and vendor stalls at busy events. We offer name brands that you can depend on such as Moonbase and Heckler, Bouncepad and much more. Reach out for a free quote!

Field Drive Kiosk – Enjoy Convenient Event Registration

Configure Field Drive Kiosk for self-registration or hosted registration to manage walk-ins. Also, use them for self-scanning to reduce staffing costs. The unit fits in a compact flight case and can be set up in less than 3 minutes. Moreover, these units can operate independently from an internet connection and can continue to print badges when the connection is interrupted. The kiosk can be also branded with your own custom designs.
get Field Drive Kiosk for event registration

iPad Kiosk Hire

iPad kiosk hire options are ideal for wayfinding and providing information. Manage event traffic by strategically stationing iPad kiosk stand models throughout your event. Use them at conferences, conventions, festivals, product launches and exhibitions, seminars, and fundraisers!

For more information about any of our iPad stands or kiosks for rent, please contact us for a free consultation or quick quote!

Why Choose Technology Rental – Offers More Than iPad Stands

Our services go beyond just renting iPad floor stands. At Technology Rental, we offer a total package that includes delivery, setup, and round-the-clock technical support. We are an IT rental company that supports a comprehensive approach to the success of your event. For this reason, we also offer the best network engineers who can set up equipment for your event or temporary office setup anywhere in the world. Speak with our qualified customer service team today for more information about any of our rental products or expert technical services!

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We rented a large number of iPads with iPad Kiosk Stands from Technology Rental for an event and were very pleased with the setup and the quality of the equipment. The team was able to meet our needs and guided us through the entire procedure. Highly recommended!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Renting kiosks for events can surely enhance your event and how clients view your business. We have provided answers to some of the often-asked questions regarding the event registration kiosk rental service.
We deliver iPads and a range of stands to all hotels, workplaces, and meeting spaces in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world. We have thousands of iPads, kiosks, and stands available for delivery anywhere your event is taking place, and we also offer fast delivery, setup, and on-site support for all iPad orders. Speak with our experts for further information.
Yes, we can provide iPad and kiosk hire in any quantity, anywhere within the United States or Canada and all across the world. We have the largest selection of iPad kiosks and rental iPads in the nation, which enables us to produce and fulfill bulk orders more quickly than anybody else.
No, throughout the duration of the rental agreement, Technology Rental will continue to be the owner of the technological products, including chargers and other accessories.
Yes, you can lengthen and enhance your rental arrangement. For further information, get in touch with our staff.
Call us or send us an email right away to let us know what’s going on. You can always count on our team for assistance.