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What is the role of technology in the events management industry?
October 22, 2020

What is the role of technology in the events management industry?

This year has been an anomaly when it comes to event trends. There has been an unprecedented number of people working remotely, planning online events, and live streaming lives ones. So, what is the role of event technology in events management recently?  


At Technology Rental, we’ve always said that we provide event technology and services in order to inspire, captivate, and to transcend technical and geographical boundaries. That has never been more of a truth than in 2020- and some technology roles will continue to hold court in 2021. 


Here are three ways that technology has played a part in events management this year. 


Personalisation and events management. 

Customized registration paths within our virtual event software have enabled attendees and promoters alike to get personal with their audience and event. This includes personalizing events platforms templates, mobile apps, ticketing, and badges.  


Promoters have known for a while that the more personal an event experience is, the greater the likelihood of attendance and engagement. Event software is taking an interest like never before in each guest and event host, both in person and virtually.  


Data collection in IT rental technology. 

Between barcode scanning with RFID technology and facial recognition, data collection is bigger. Information is gleaned such as which booths an attendee visited, how many networking opportunities were generated, and how many people experimented with facial data capture. I myself attended an event that captured and printed a perfect image of my face onto a latte. I was too curious to object.  


The event badging evolution. 

Event RFID and NFC wearable badging technology has been less popular, and not just due to the number of events being canceled. Wearable technology whether in the hospitality industry- think hotel resorts or the conference industry (wearable badges) are less in use due to the trend in contactless badging.  


Instead, digital ticketing via tokenization on mobile wallets has grown. This includes options like Google Smart Tap and Apple VAS.