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How to promote a live or virtual event on social media
November 26, 2020

How to promote a live or virtual event on social media

Whether you are hosting a live, virtual event or hybrid event, marketing is key. Here are some creative ways to promote an event on social media that will keep your attendees interested and help to convert interested parties into joining you on the day.

Create bespoke AR filters for social media.

There are plenty of free tools for creating unique customised AR filter for social media, so why not? Spark AR studio is free and great for Instagram and Facebook; for Snapchat use Lens Studio. You can import images and sounds for a unique filter that engages others.

Everyone loves a countdown- put one on Instagram stories!

Set an end time and date and customise the clock! It’s fun, and builds up momentum as your event approaches, as well as a bit of urgency for your guests to get their tickets sorted. It can remind guests about the event itself, deadlines for deals on pricing as well as for any pre-event contests.

Add an event page on Facebook

Get the word out, post announcements and answer questions. Also see the trend in who is arriving, considering or a no-show, so you can gauge numbers. Create buzz by posting updates and interacting on the page with guests before the action starts.
If tickets are available through Eventbrite, you can even link them to your Facebook page to make your user experience that much simpler for potential attendees to convert.

Design a branded hashtag for your live or virtual event- and use it!

Make them simple to spell, original, and for heavens sakes short. Don’t eat up your character limit on a hashtag that is difficult to remember. Branded hashtags are a great way for guests or potential attendees to look at content created around your event.

Display Social Media Posts at the Event with digital signage.

A bit of intelligently placed digital signage and some exciting posts throughout the evening will inspire interaction and build momentum around your event from start to finish.
There are any number of ways to promote an event creatively on social. These just happen to be five of our favourites. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! As always if you need event planning, hardware, software consultation or WiFi, get in touch with our team today!