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Technology Rental offers engineers who are experienced and highly skilled at  event WiFi installation. We offer a variety of options such as MiFi, remote access points, satellite, and personalised bonded internet.  

We use brands such as Ruckus rental options that can boost the connectivity at indoor and outdoor events alike with robust, secure internet. Our team has been providing event WiFi at venues all over the world, including mobile conferences and remote locations that don’t have traditional ‘venues’ to speak of.  

From festival WiFi, to exhibitions, to international conferences and small workshops, we have the experience and professional knowledge to get the job done.  

Enterprise 4G Router rentalsEnterprise 4G Router
  • Provides high performance, secure cloud solutions
  • Provides high performance, secure cloud solutions
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4G LTE MiFi Router rentals4G LTE MiFi Router
  • MiFi Routers allow you to connect 1-7 devices to the internet at once
  • The MiFi Router needs a 4G SIM Card for up to 7 devices
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Personalised Bonded Internet SetupPersonalised Bonded Internet Setup
  • Used for intricate set ups
  • Will allow for any sized event to have a personalised network
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Ruckus ZoneFlex R610 Indoor AP rentalsRuckus ZoneFlex R610 Indoor AP
  • Indoor Wi-Fi solution
  • Industry-leading performance and reliability
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Ruckus ZoneFlex T710 Outdoor AP rentalsRuckus ZoneFlex T710 Outdoor AP
  • For outdoor Wi-Fi connections, festivals and pop-up shops
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Satellite InternetSatellite Internet
  • Full installation services of satellite internet
  • Ideal for events in locations with limited or no internet, for areas that lack existing infrastructure and mobile events
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Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Wi-Fi rentalPoint to Point & Point to Multipoint Wi-Fi
  • For events and festivals
  • Connect multiple locations to one single central location
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Peplink Enterprise Router rentalPeplink Enterprise Router
  • High speed and reliable
  • Highest internet connectivity
  • For small offices, training sessions and conferences
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Fibre Optic Cabling servicesFibre Optic Cabling
  • Wider bandwidth and fast transmission solutions
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WiFi In A Box rentalWiFi In A Box

An all-in-one, plug and play WiFi setup. Perfect for a range of events.

  • Provides WiFi to 100+ users concurrently.
  • Bandwidth control
  • Light and portable
  • 24/7 Remote support
  • Equipped with pull handle
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The Importance of Event WiFi


WiFi rental is best left to the experts. Sure, you can use the venue WiFi, but venue WiFi is not built to accommodate the sheer number of users, devices, and bandwidth that an event requires. Attendees often carry more than one device, social media and live feeds use an exceptionally large amount of bandwidth, and guests are numerous at successful events. These factors push the maximum capacity of venue to its limits and often results in patchy or inconsistent WiFi connectivity that leaves guests feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. Why risk it? 

Our network engineers can install event WiFi that withstands the highest usage at events and always includes a backup in case of any connectivity issues. This ensures that presentations run smoothly, product demos launch without a hitch, online conferences are consistently executed, and guests can log in to their social media, messaging and email as needed.  

Festival WiFi


Research shows that guests who are provided with a consistent WiFi festival WiFi connection remain at events longer. The longer they remain at events, the greater the likelihood that they will convert, in terms of leads, sales and additional event ROI. Providing a secure connection should never be overlooked by event planners, and we can help.  

If you’d like to discuss your event WiFi requirements and how we can best help, contact a member of our team at any time for more information and a free estimate. We can conduct an initial survey and determine what will be recommended, timelines and cost estimates. We’re always happy to hear from you and talk through the details of your next event. There may be options that you haven’t even considered, that are more cost effective, convenient and user friendly. Contact our team today about festival WiFi or any event WiFi! 

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