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Choosing an iPad rental that works for you
December 3, 2020

Choosing an iPad rental that works for you

iPads are one of our most popular hires for events because of a range of uses such as registration, Q&A, online voting, wayfinding, and contactless payment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your next event iPad rental. Specifically, size, weight, display and battery life are a great place to start.

Size of an iPad rental

The size of your iPad rental will depend on what it’s needed for. Outdoor event staff, for example are going to multitask better with an iPad they can fit in one hand, such as the iPad mini rental. This enables them to move through queues, direct traffic, enter data and operate scanners as needed. When things really get busy these devices can also be tucked into a large pocket while staff members are regrouping or attending to any number of last-minute assignments needed on the spot.

Weight considerations in iPad rental

Event staff will prefer a lightweight iPad to an ultra-high performance model. In this case, the iPad Air 4th Generation (out this September 2020) will trump the iPad Pros that arrived in March. iPad mini rental will be lightweight and pocket-sized. Now is also a much better time to rent them, as the last model update was March 2019. At around 300 grams, they are the lightest weight, but the iPad Air 4th generation and the iPad Pro 11-inch models are a close second at 458 and 471 grams respectively.

Display Size

Display size is important but it’s going to depend on what you need it for. If you are using iPad rental for display purposes such as information, wayfinding or check-in screens then the iPad Pad Pro 12.9 (WiFi or Cellular) is your largest display to date. Other uses include surveys, slide sharing, and live audience Q&A, which will have information that needs to be easy to read and respond to.

For lead capture or point of sale however, the display size isn’t nearly as important.
If you simply need limited data entry or integration with a barcode scanner or printer then the Airs and minis will work interchangeably.

Battery Life in your iPad Rental

Apple maintains that battery life across iPad models is between 9-10 hours, depending on type and usage. That said, it’s well known that the larger iPads have larger batteries that last longer. This is regardless of display size.

Still can’t decide on which iPad is right for your next event? We’ve walked clients through thousands of events around the world and are always delighted to offer a free consultation or an estimate. Get in touch with a member of our team today.