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Business Laptop rental is more than just hardware.
December 4, 2020

Business Laptop rental is more than just hardware.

Display resolution and size, storage and RAM, CPU, ergonomic keyboards, and better battery life; these are just a few of the qualifying features you’ll look for in a decent business laptop rental. Technology rental is our bread and butter- it’s the heart of our business and we understand the range of components that you’ll want to know about when you rent laptops for business.

We have a team of technicians and consultants who are available 24/7 to speak to you about business laptop rental and create packages that make sense for your business and event needs. And we have one of the world’s largest inventories of hardware which includes all of the latest models, accessories, laptop stands, cables and chargers. But as we’ve mentioned in the title, laptop rental is about more than just hardware.

Our consultation and additional laptop hire services.

When you hire laptops, you’ll want professionals who can direct you to the equipment that best fits your workflow and budget. Not every company will do this. We are invested in long term relationships with thousands of corporate clients and have learned the value of the right consultancy.

For example, if you’re typing for long stretches of time- we’d want you to select a full-size keyboard that has an adequate amount of space around keys, including the arrow keys. For business travel and late nights in dimly lit corners of your home, you’re going to want a backlit keyboard that can defy even the worst lighting conditions. For all day seminars, display quality and size are going to be a factor. For some events battery life will be the most crucial feature, while for complex editing and production, storage is going to make all the difference.

You’ll want a team that will tell you the best equipment for your next business event- the right laptop rental is not always the most expensive or even the latest models.

Software integration and business laptop rental.

One of the services we offer is the integration and preloading of any software needed for your event or business. A team of technicians carefully installs and check each of the apps that you request. We have at least two staff members checking each device before it leaves our warehouse, signing off on the performance of each machine.

A global hub for events that take you anywhere.

Where your next event is will depend on any number of factors but one thing is for certain. With 9 global offices we can supply to any location worldwide and are always happy to do so. We have offices in Singapore, London, Toronto, Phoenix, Sydney, Melbourne, Glasgow, Belgium, and Dubai- and are delighted to provide a free consultation or quote, 24/7.

For more information get in touch with our team today.