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3 Points to Consider for the Right Sound.
July 12, 2020

3 Points to Consider for the Right Sound.

You know adequate sound when you hear it and you’ll definitely be the first to recognise it when it goes wrong. Audio delay, feedback, static, all can create noise that will lower engagement (best case scenario) and drive attendees away (worst case scenario). Plus, there’s the golden rule of event planning- even in near perfect events, guests will remember the one thing that went wrong.

It’s part of the challenge and it gets easier with time. Here are some quick wins we’ve discovered when choosing speakers and PA systems for your next event. Final sound is made up of the raw materials, the overall design and the sound reproduction. You want the speakers that are, in the simplest terms, recreate sound accurately.

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel on speaker hire.

There are brands that have been event tested for the better part of a decade. You can bring your speakers to a venue and test them in the area you’ll use them, listen to the sound quality. If it’s sounds good to you, it will work. Or you can lean on the experiences of others. We’ve been setting up speakers systems in indoor and outdoor exhibitions, conferences fundraisers and festivals on six continents for the better part of a decade. Consult a member of our team and let us know about the venue and location.

2. The importance of a mic check

The Mic and how it gets used is going to impact the sound- there’s just no getting around this. Your presenter should have basic instructions on how to use it and it’s important to be aware of factor s that may impact their input. Speakers who are nervous tend to shy away from the mic, which can lead to volume issues. Speakers who are energetic may move around and utilise their hands- choose a mic that they don’t have to hold to lessen feedback and make both the speaker and the audience more comfortable. Mic placement and use is going to impact even the best PZ system in the world, so it’s important to be on top of this.

3. Size matters

Speaker placement and size are going to impact the event. A system will work differently for a dozen guests than it will for several hundred or 2000. Guests absorb sound so take into consideration your expected numbers and consult with your technical team when coordinating the hardware. Natural sounds absorption takes place with décor, audience members, staff and catering tasks being executed throughout the event itself. But the right sound system will project the appropriate sound for a clear, impressive performance that will captivate.

An audio professional can help you with the right sound equipment for your next event. Our team is available to speak 24/7 about any of our audiovisual equipment or additional event technology and services.