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3 Great Reasons to Rent Oculus Quest
October 13, 2020

3 Great Reasons to Rent Oculus Quest

Looking to rent Oculus Quest? We’ve had a number of inquiries which isn’t surprising due to the Quest’s popularity among event planners, educational institutions and gaming enthusiasts. It offers more for less and is completely user-friendly.

The Oculus Quest is easy to use, simple to setup and fully immersive. We found many reasons to enjoy it, whether you are hosting a virtual conference, a training seminar, product demo or just gaming at home for fun. Here’s just 3 reasons to rent Oculus Quest.

Enjoy an Immersive Experience when you rent Oculus Quest.

The oculus quest rental offers positional sound within a well-crafted headset that’s durable and highly wearable. Every pin drop can be heard and appreciated, and the visual experience offers a dynamic solution that engages an audience without limitation.

Experience Hand Tracking with Oculus Quest VR rent

The Oculus Quest VR rent offers hand tracking as a new feature that you are going to love. Initiate hand tracking just by putting down your controllers. This is part of the v12 update and enables you to utilise your hands naturally within the game, instead of relying on Touch controllers. Enjoy six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking with 2 motion controllers that include new additions such as sensors alongside the headset.

Oculus Quest offers Wireless Performance

Who wants to trip over their hardware? Crouch, bend, walks around and relax- the Quest provides freedom of movement- so you can work and play uninhibited. A little extra room without being tethered can make all the difference!

There are a number of reasons to rent the Oculus Quest. It is an affordable, well-designed piece of kit that is comfortable to wear, move in, and experience. When you hire from One World Rental, we’ll supply you with an unboxing video that makes usage simple, but we also provide you with 24/7 support should you require it.